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Plans to increase affordable housing in Sudbury

Housing affordability continues to be a big issue across Ontario, including here in the north. And it was one of the things on the agenda of a special summit recently held involving the province's big-city mayors.

Townhouses in Greater Sudbury. Jan. 19/22 (Lyndsay Aelick/CTV Northern Ontario)

Laurentian sees enrolment applications plunge 43.5%

There's more bad news for beleaguered Laurentian University in Greater Sudbury. Statistics released Wednesday show applications from high school students are down by 43. 5 per cent, compared to the same time in 2021.

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Pig kidneys transplanted into brain-dead human in new study

For the first time, scientists have successfully transplanted a genetically modified pig kidney into the body of a brain-dead human, an important step toward animal organs potentially becoming viable for transplants to save human lives in the future, something that could help address organ shortages worldwide.

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  • Bell Fibe: 1230
  • Bell Satellite:  588
  • Cogeco : 9
  • Eastlink (Sturgeon Falls):  5
  • Eastlink (South of North Bay to Novar):  6
  • Shaw Satellite: 643


  • Antenna: 2
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  • Shaw Direct:  356(classic), 050(advanced)
  • Vianet:  127SC
  • Bell Fibe:  6
  • Bell Satellite:  589
  • Eastlink:  4
  • Shaw Direct: 642