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Timmins workers need $19.80 per hour to make ends meet


The 'Ontario Living Wage Network' says a living wage for people in Timmins is $19.80 an hour -- up 10 cents from last year.

“Now it’s time for us to get this message out to the employers, this is important for them to look at, it could be a tool for them to perhaps attract people and to retain; they can get their name listed on The Living Wage website, saying that they are a living wage employer," said Noella Rinaldo, director of community economic development for the Timmins Economic Development Corporation.

The 'Ontario Living Wage Network' said a person’s earnings should be enough to pay basic living expenses such as shelter, transportation, food, Internet, phone and child care.

With Ontario's minimum wage at $16.55 an hour, the report suggested workers in Timmins can expect to fall short by about $114 every week.

“It’s a big decision for employers to look at raising their salary above the minimum wage, we understand that," said Rinaldo.

"But when you look at the cost of advertising ... and the time in interviewing people, and in training people, you may find in the long run you’re actually saving money and you’ve got a great employee that’s loyal and will not be leaving.”

The Timmins Chamber of Commerce said while many local employers such as the mining sector pay more than $20 an hour, it said 98 per cent of Canada's employers are small business owners.

According to the 'Ontario Living Wage Network' minimum wage is not enough to cover one's bills. There are ten regional living wage calculations in the province with the Greater Toronto Area having the highest. (Lydia Chubak/CTV News)

“I think our business community is working with our partners and to be as attractive as possible for workers and for sales and I think that’s the strength of our business community here in Timmins," said Kraymr Grenke, president of the Timmins Chamber of Commerce.

The report said the Greater Toronto Area has the highest living wage at $25.05 an hour while it said southwestern Ontario's is the lowest at $18.65 an hour. Top Stories

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