A young entrepreneur in Timmins has created a new clothing brand.

Egothentic's message is hoping to encourage people to be themselves and take pride in their differences, promoting self-love in spite of hate. It's a message of self-confidence and positivity that 18-year-old Noah Lacroix wants to spread through his new clothing brand.

He says his experience with bullying and self-doubt and seeing others go through the same was what drove him to create a way for people to express their pride and brush off the haters.

Seeing his younger sister transition from male to female pushed him even further.

"I want to have my sister be in a world where she can be proud of who she is without being afraid of it. So, that's what Egothentic really stands for is, again, being proud of who you are no matter other people think," said Lacroix.

The clothing brand's founder spent over a year setting up and licensing his business, and launched his brand in April.

His partner, Vincent Cavalieri, was inspired and joined a month later, to employ his marketing skills.

"I want to do something by myself with, obviously, one of my good friends and be able to make something that people can fall behind and people can follow our story - and even make it bigger than just Timmins." said Cavalieri, Egothentic's vice-president.

So far, they've had over 100 customers in Timmins and the U.S.

The product is made by a third-party manufacturer and Cavalieri's dad lets the pair use his shop in Schumacher to make marketing materials.

It was an intimidating venture for a fresh high-school graduate, but Lacroix says his belief in the brand has kept him centred.

"I had countless people say 'I can't. You're too young. You don't have enough money. You don't have a big enough network. You don't know what you're doing.' And I shut that out," said Lacroix.

He plans to study business in Ottawa come September and Cavalievri will continue his studies there as well.

Their dream is to grow Egothentic's reach every year and make it symbol of strength in the north.