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Timmins shovels away amid expected 50 cm snowfall


Not exactly an unexpected sight, but certainly more snow than people in Timmins wanted to see Friday morning.

That was the case for 91-year-ol Carlo Didone, who reluctantly battled the fresh snow on his driveway.

“I feel like stay in bed,” said Didonte, taking a break from shovelling.

“I take a look outside, 'holy moly' I say."

Across the street, neighbour Shane Boehk shuttles snow out of his snow machine, also displeased with the heavy snowstorm.

"Oh, I didn't like it,” he said.

“We're used to it though, we live up north."

Following a winter storm warning with an expected 30 to 50 centimetres, City of Timmins public works manager Shane Skinner said road crews have been focusing on keeping main roads clear, as well as side streets, laneways and sidewalks, as they are able, adding crews are coordinating nighttime plowing.

"We're planning a full, city-wide plowing event tonight, commencing at midnight,” said Skinner.

“People will be waking up to snowbanks in their driveways and the roads should be maintained at that point, if Mother Nature cooperates."

Skinner said he is asking residents to be patient and the Timmins Police Service advises the same for drivers, amid slippery conditions.

Two Timmins Transit buses had minor collisions to start the day, followed by several route cancellations.

The conditions led to closures for Highway 655 between Timmins and Driftwood, along with Highway 11 between Matheson and Longlac.

"Slowing down, increasing your following distance and being prepared for sudden stops and changes in direction,” advised police communications coordinator Marc Depatie.

“We also strongly urge that if you are going to venture forth, that you take the time necessary to clear off your vehicle. There’s no need for you to become a portable snowstorm, we’ve got enough of that going on as it is.”

Wind gusts in the area are also making it challenging to keep runways clear at the Timmins Victor M. Power Airport, with manager Dave Dayment also advising patience from passengers affected by flight cancellations from Air Canada and Porter.

Dayment said Porter was able to get a departing flight off the ground in the morning and that crews are working to get runways down to bare pavement - so that airlines can be comfortable resuming flights.

"We should be able to get Air Canada and Porter in here tomorrow,” Dayment said.

“Porter still has a second flight on their schedule that is still supposed to fly in here at about 9 o'clock tonight, so we’ll stay on that runway.”

A good weekend for families to see heavier snowfall, as March Break winds down and children prepare to return to school next week.

With the snow falling on St. Patrick’s Day, city officials hope the ‘Luck of the Irish’ along with attentive driving and persistent plowing will keep people safe until the storm subsides.

Didone remained determined to clear his driveway.

"Hey, what are you gonna do? Think somebody gonna shovel the snow for you? Uh, uh,” he said.

“I do what I can." Top Stories

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