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Timmins Fire Department sends bunker gear to Ukraine


The Timmins Fire Department is sending 119 pieces of equipment it can no longer use to help fellow firefighters in Ukraine.

The bunker gear will be flown to an organization in Edmonton called 'Firefighter Aid Ukraine,' which will ensure it gets to the war torn country.

“It’s all high-quality gear, it’s just under our regulations we can’t use it anymore," said Scott Foster, acting chief training officer with the Timmins Fire Department.

“But it’s still high quality, good condition … useful everywhere else in the world.”

Helmets, pants, coats boots and holders for air canisters from Timmins are packed up on pallets, ready to be flown to the organization.

The group ships used firefighter personal protective equipment to anywhere in the world that needs it. It has been shipping gear to Ukraine for the past 10 years.

“It really goes a long distance for the members over there that are actively going into structure fires and trying to support their communities," said Stu Shaw, firefighter with the Edmonton Fire Department and volunteer with Firefighter Aid Ukraine.

"They’re incredibly appreciative of everything they can get.”

Shaw said Firefighter Aid Ukraine welcomes gear from anywhere since it's greatly needed, especially as the war in Ukraine continues. Top Stories

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