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Thumbs up for New Year’s Eve party in the Sault, thumbs down for heated sidewalks


Sault Ste. Marie will have its own New Year’s Eve ball drop – or puck drop.

City council has given city staff the green light to begin planning a New Year’s Eve party at the city’s Downtown Plaza.

At the start of the year, council asked staff for a report on the feasibility of hosting a New Year’s Eve ball drop, citing the potential social and economic benefits.

The idea not only gained the support of staff but also caught the attention of a sponsor.

“We just found out just before council that GFL wanted to commit and support this great community event and cover the full cost of $16,000 to make it a reality,” said Brent Lamming, director of community services.

“I’m so glad to have our staff behind it and have so many constituents and residents behind it,” said Coun. Angela Caputo, who was behind the motion for the feasibility report.

“Also, we got the surprise last night that GFL is behind it.”

The event will be held at the Downtown Plaza, with activities and food and beverage options to be explored.

The object to be dropped when the clock strikes midnight is still to be decided. It could be a ball with the city’s logo on it, or it could be a giant hockey puck. Lamming said citizens will be consulted on what they’d like to see.

Another item on this week’s council agenda was a request for information from Caputo on the cost of installing heated sidewalks downtown.

Administration advised against this, as it would greatly increase the cost of the Queen Street reconstruction project set to begin this year. Top Stories

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