Potholes are proving to be a big headache for cities and towns in the north. 

In North Bay, the mayor addressed the issue today.

The shifting temperatures this winter are creating the 'perfect recipe' for potholes according to city officials.

“The moisture gets into the road base, and number one, it saturates the road base and the asphalt moves on top of it. And, number two, the water gets in the cracks within the asphalt and as it freeze and thaws, it will actually push the asphalt apart,“ said Scott Franks of the city of North Bay.

The city says since the start of 2019, it's repaired hundreds of pot holes, but unfortunately, the material it's using, is only a temporary fix.

“ It's a latex base,  so unfortunately we can fill the hole and depending on traffic and weather,  the fill can be out of the pot hole within a day, “ said mayor Al McDonald

Drivers say they are feeling frustrated, adding this may be the worst year for pot holes in a while.

The mayor says crews are out working diligently, trying to keep up to the pot holes as they erupt, but he says the poor road conditions aren't going unnoticed.

“When i was driving around this morning i was noticing the damage to our roads,  so i think this is going to be a much more severe spring to our roads, “said McDonald

Across the north, many communities are experiencing similar road conditions, and until asphalt can be used later in the spring to repair the pot holes fully, drivers can only hope for a temporary fix.