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Tennis instructors are in high demand

The Sudbury Indoor Tennis Centre hosted a training course this weekend for players wanting to become instructors.

There were 15 students from Sudbury, North Bay and the Toronto-area taking the beginner level of a tennis instructing course. It's certified by Tennis Canada and Ontario Tennis Association.

"Tennis in Canada has grown tremendously we have a lot of tennis players that are doing really well and I think that has sparked the interest,” said Tennis Canada course facilitator Petya Marinov.

“A lot of tennis clubs are full and have a waiting list and there is always a very high demand for coaches."

Ritchin Sen travelled to Greater Sudbury from the Greater Toronto Area because all of the courses to become a beginning instructor there were full.

Sen told CTV News he is excited to teach tennis.

"Tennis is an awesome sport. I love it. Definitely helps with the mental and the physical side of your health,” said Sen.

“When you see a lot of small kids and a lot of adults too that want to learn tennis. I thought it would be a good opportunity to come and learn a structured way to teach tennis."

Local tennis player Mya Nebre of Sudbury has been playing for four years. The 15-year-old said she now wants to help introduce other young people to the sport.

"I think it's really good to grow the sport,” said Nebre.

“To teach a bunch of new people and kids who might not have other things to do or might want to try something new, it will be really good to have them in tennis."

The Sudbury Indoor Tennis Centre is celebrating 30 years in the bubble and officials said it is a busy spot.

"Covid had many detrimental effects to many people but for tennis is was in some ways breathed a lot of life into our sport because a lot of people had to get out and do something and this is probably one of the safest sports," said Richard Bulbring, the head coach and director of the centre.

Officials said the five new qualified coaches here will help meet the demand in the junior program and offer a better quality experience.

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