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Tax season is now upon us, along with tax scams


March is International Fraud Prevention Month, also coinciding with tax season.

Both the Canada Revenue Agency and the Anti-Fraud Centre are warning people about the signs of tax-related cons.

"They might claim that you're entitled to an additional refund, but you're of course required to follow a link,” said Jeff Horncastle of the anti-fraud centre.

“Just something to keep an eye on. A lot of these messages can look very legitimate. If you're not sure, look up a legitimate phone number for the CRA and give them a call."

The CRA’s Daria Askerko said staff can quickly tell you if someone is trying scam you.

"At 1-800-959-8281 because if you did receive contact from the CRA, there would be notes on file, and whomever answers your phone call can confirm whether or not that communication was legitimate,” Askerko said.

A more recent scam involves getting a person’s social insurance number and attempting to use that as a form of legitimacy to gain the trust of an individual.

"That's one of the No. 1 signs to tell that it is not us,” Askerko said.

“Any communication coming from the Canada Revenue Agency would never have your personal information, such as your social insurance number, banking information, or anything other than your name."

Victims of any type of scam should contact police, as well as the anti-fraud centre.

Horncastle said people should take the time to learn about cons of all kinds this month, as they are always evolving.

"Fraudsters are now able to spoof phone numbers,” he said.

“Technology is the biggest factor when looking at fraud, and the large increase in reported dollar loss."

People looking to learn more about CRA-specific cons can look at the agency’s website. Top Stories

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