A fundraiser is coming up in Sudbury next month to help people in need who might also be struggling with mental health issues.

On the streets of Sudbury, a pair of mental health advocates are worried that people suffering with mental illness aren't getting the help they need.

"I've talked to thousands of people in this community, and there is a great, great need for it." said Bob Johnston, of Blue Door Soup Kitchen.

He and Victoria Chapman have concerns about long wait times for mental health services.

They say people who are struggling need immediate support.

"When you're in that state, you need help now, not six months from now. So, one thing we plan on doing is bridge the gap for services." said Johnston.

The two are in the process of setting up a charity organization called 'Tomorrow's Hope,' to raise money for advocacy events, and alternative mental health programming.

"Mental health is really focused on illness versus wellness, and we've created an epidemic that is up to us to fix." said Chapman.

The first fundraiser will take place at the Caruso Club on December 9th with about 250 people expected to attend.

“All the donation items that we are getting are going into a live auction.” said Chapman.

The money will be used to hold a holiday gift giving event for less fortunate people struggling with mental health challenges and Santa Claus will be coming up from the North Pole.

In the New Year, the group is also planning to offer mental health services out of a downtown office as an alternative to more traditional services.

"Really exploring the emotional side of people to let them heal a little bit differently." said Chapman.

Tickets to the December fundraiser cost $25.

Organizers say they are planning to hold more events to support mental health in Sudbury over the coming year.