A gathering took place in Sudbury Monday night with a goal of establishing a support network for injured workers.

The meeting was hosted by the Ontario Network of Injured Workers Groups with support from the Steelworkers Local 6500 and the Sudbury Workers Education and Advocacy Centre.

The focus was on education and peer support.

Melodie Berube is the outreach and campaign organizer at Sudbury Workers Education & Advocacy Centre.

“Really, the focus is on bringing those workers together and giving them a support place, so that they can vent their feelings and have some support.” said Berube.

Willy Noiles is the President of Ontario Network of Injured Workers.

“When they get injured, they kind of become hermits, self-imposed hermits. Because A, they’ve lost all their friends from work, because they’re no longer at work. There’s the pride factor, because they’re no longer the bread-winner. There’s also the stigma that some people think they are just faking their injury. So, many of them often feel like they’re alone, they’re the only one, and it’s nice to be, when they come out to a group like this and, sometimes it is a challenge to get them to come out, they realize that they’re not alone.” said Noiles.

Organizers say these meetings will happen regularly moving forward.

For information you can contact the Sudbury Workers Education and Advocacy Centre.