SUDBURY -- A Sudbury woman has set her sights high for the Northern Cancer Foundation.

Ultra runner Elizabeth Taillefer plans to run a continuous 100 miles -- the equivalent of 161 kilometres -- at Kivi Park. She's done it before and plans to do it again for a foundation very dear to her.

"Last year I raised $6,000 and I was ecstatic," said Taillefer. "It was well beyond what I thought I would raise. This year I have set my sights high -- I am hoping to raise $10,000. I am halfway through right now. I have raised $5,000 so I still have $5,000 to go."

She has been long distance running for 25 years. Taillefer is running for those who can't -- and because she believes in the cancer centre.

'I have been very much touched by cancer'

"Like everybody, I have been very much touched by cancer with my aunts and my nana, my father-in-law, some of my really good friends," she said. "But also I work for the cancer centre and I see it everyday at work and the cancer foundation is just really close to my heart."

Officials at the Northern Cancer Foundation said they appreciate do-it-yourself fundraisers during the pandemic, which has made raising money challenging.

"It's amazing that people go out and fundraiser for us and do it on their own we are so grateful," said Tannys Laughren, executive director of the Northern Cancer Foundation.

"All of the funds raised stay right here at this cancer centre to support research, patient care, the purchase of equipment -- all in benefit of our patients all across northeastern Ontario."

Donations can be made through the Northern Cancer Foundation's website

Taillefer will start her run at 4 p.m. Friday and expects to complete the 100-mile run in a continuous 30 hours.