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Sudbury rehab program for joint replacement patients


Sudbury Finlandia Village held an open house Wednesday to show the community its new rehabilitation centre. It’s open to anyone pre- and post-surgery for joint replacements.

Jean Henri, 83, exercises on the Alter G Anti Gravity Treadmill at the Finlandia Rehabilitation Centre. Henri has had more than a dozen surgeries on her joints and she said exercising on the treadmill is making a big difference.

“There (are) not enough words to tell you that,” Henri said.

“It’s just given me a whole new outlook on life because I live without pain now.”

The machine is the newest addition to the Finlandia Rehab Centre.

“It’s an air chamber that surrounds the person and what we can do is decrease their body weight by increasing the pressure in that chamber so when someone is walking, they have less pain,” said Joanne McKee, the director of therapy services.

Henri said the rehab machine is allowing her to cut back on pain medication.

“For me, no more narcotics, no more pills for pain,” she said.

“My heart now just hopes that people with pain realize there is something to help.”

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