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Sudbury Market sees more customers than ever in new location


This fall the Sudbury Market moved into a new 15,000 square-foot space at Elm Place mall downtown – last winter the indoor market was located at Science North but more space was needed.

The non-profit board that oversees the market told CTV News that the move is proving to be a huge success with more customers than ever.

Lori Khoury, a regular shopper at the Sudbury Market told CTV News that she loves the vibe. (Alana Everson/CTV News Northern Ontario)Lori Khoury is a regular shopper at the Sudbury Market. She said she loves the vibe, the bright large space and the products the market offers.

“It’s not Saturday morning unless we come down to the market whether it was down at the train station or love down here at the centre of downtown,” she said.

“It’s wonderful. Indoor parking and all my favourite vendors are here and I get all my locally grown food and it’s wonderful.”

Nicholas Thommen offers homemade sourdough bread and other products for sale at his booth Northern Bread Haus. He has been a vendor at the market for a year and a half.

“Love the new location it’s nice to leave our set up here don’t have to bring the tables back and forth every time. Traffic has been really good here and unloading loafing up again is pretty easy,” he said.

“It’s been a good location for us here.”

Nicholas Thommen, a market vendor and the owner of Northern Bread Haus told CTV News that he loves the new location of the market at Elm Place. (Alana Everson/CTV News Northern Ontario)Officials with the market said they getting a lot of positive feedback from both customers and vendors on the new location.

“They like the fact that it is central,” said Erin Rowe, the chair of the Greater Sudbury Market Association.

“They like the fact that they are able to leave their tables set up they don’t have to pack everything up to bring home which is a huge benefit for vendors that do the market every Saturday. So I would say probably the convenience and the foot traffic to the mall has been amazing.”

The property manager at Elm Place confirmed the foot traffic at Elm Place is way up with an additional 1,000-2,000 people from its regular Saturday crowd.

“One of the most common things we are hearing is people that haven’t been downtown in years and they are very surprised,” said Robert Green, the property manager.

“They see the parking that we have the security. The upgrades that we have done to the property and so it’s all been very positive and we are very proud to be able to host the Sudbury Market.”

Members of the market board said in 2018 they changed the market from seasonal to year-round. In January of that year there were twelve vendors this year there are more than 50 and new vendors applying weekly. Top Stories

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