Managing stress can be an important part of maintaining your mental well-being, so to mark World Mental Health Day, Cambrian College held a unique event aimed at helping students cope.

Mackenzie Mayes is a Cambrian College student that participated in the Human Library, where she made a connection with someone she doesn't know by opening up about anxiety and stress.

She shared her experience on handling the ups and downs of student life to improve her mental wellbeing and help others.

“Plenty of stress involved with student life, of course, all the assignments, just going to class in general, it puts a lot of strain on many students." said Mayes.

She is visually impaired and completing a challenging program at the college.

"I want to participate in human library because I want to get the word out to other students who are at Cambrian what life is like at Cambrian and how I deal with everyday challenges." said Mayes.

Students and staff can seek volunteers like Mayes for a ten minute conversation.

Organizers say the event helps break down the stigma associated with mental health issues.

"When staff and students get to connect with each other, you create a system of support and resiliency. And resiliency is really the key for going from surviving to thriving." said Catherine Poulton, a Cambrian College wellness coordinator.

"It's popular because it's more interactive, people are telling you their story, rather than just reading it in a book." said Cambrian librarian Marnie Seal.

For Mayes it's a break from the stress of everyday student life, and a chance to let someone else vent.

"From my experience, just talking is a big difference." said Mayes.

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto says stress is a normal part of everyone's life, but says not dealing with it could lead to more serious problems.