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Sudbury Christmas carol transformed into stage play


‘Little Skidoo’ was recorded by the late Sudbury songwriter Bert Collins in 1977.

A new play based on the song is about to hit the stage complete with music, Muppet-style puppets and a special Christmas message.

The play takes place during Christmas 2022 when a repeat happens from 1977: a huge storm and Santa is lost. Can the same skidoo save the day?

"Fast forward to 2022 we are not doing a 1977 version," said Judi Straughan, playwright, producer and director of Little Skidoo.

“So we have technology, we have a screen, we have people facetiming in to help solve the mystery of where is Santa and why has he gone missing? So the entire community real people in the community solve the mystery.”

Sudbury singer/songwriter Stef Paquette plays Bert Collins, the man who wrote and then recorded the Christmas carol in the 1970s.

"I grew up on the Little Skidoo song,” Paquette said.

“To be able to be to present that song or sing that song and to maybe there are some kids new generation that don't know the song and to be able to present that song to a whole other generation of kids is pretty special.”

The play features a singalong and Muppet-style puppets radio DJ Wooly Mammoth and Dominique, who does her best to help Santa.

The actors said there is a special message in the musical.

"The message is that it only takes a little bit of hope and a little bit of love and all will be well at Christmas time," said Dominique, played by puppeteer Natalie Lalonde.

"Even the smallest things with enough hope and care put into them belief can really do incredible things if you give them the chance," said Wooly Mammoth, played by puppeteer Joel Giroux.

The writer describes the play as a magical, entertaining, family show with some humour for ages four and older.

Performances of Little Skidoo take place Friday and Saturday at the Sheridan Auditorium at Sudbury Secondary School.

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