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Sudbury-area boy becomes 'TikTok famous' with mom's snowmobile video


A Sudbury-area boy is now 'TikTok famous' after his mother shared a video of him receiving his new snowmobile that resonated with viewers on the popular app.

It's not every day a boy gets a new snow machine of his very own, let alone the Ski-Doo he has been wanting.

Since this happened for Jaxson last week, he has been stealing hearts on TikTok with the look of excitement on his face as he races to check out the snowmobile.

Jaxson’s mother, Baileigh Sirman, posted a video of the sweet moment on her TikTok account.

“I posted this video to my personal page of my son getting a new sled, a hobby him and his dad share with many northern residents,” said Baileigh, in an email to CTV News on Feb. 1.

“I didn’t expect it to blow up like it did, but thought it was sweet to see the community of outdoor enthusiasts resonate with the video.”

The video has earned more than 383,900 views and more than 20,800 likes since being posted less than a week ago.

“My husband is an avid sledder, so we all have sleds,” Sirman said in an interview with CTV News Saturday.

“We put him (Jaxson) on a sled last year – like a big sled – and he was loving it, but it was a bit too big.”

She said that is why they decided to order him a new sled.

The new ride was actually ordered in the spring, but only just arrived last week.

Jaxson on his new Ski-Doo (Baileigh Sirman)

Sirman said the entire video is kind of a funny story.

“I only put it on TikTok because in the background of the video, in the real (original) audio, I am yelling at my husband to make sure he is … like stay safe,” she said.

“So I deleted the sound and put music to it… And then it just kind of, I don’t know… Went kind of viral.”

Sirman said she is glad she caught the moment on video.

“It was heartwarming to me because like you see him look at his dad; he is like pumped … he hugged his dad before even getting off the bike,” she said.

Sirman said it just shows the little things that connect northern communities. Top Stories

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