An Ottawa based leadership program was in Sudbury for the past two days. Organizers say they are on a mission to unlock the power and potential that exists in every girls mind. The free workshop is back for a second year.

“AmbiSHEous” With a strong emphasis on the she, instructs girls in grades seven to nine, everything from politics and social change to business and money.

“The first day we dive right into business basics. Learning about money, the world of money, where money goes how it flows around the world. It’s a lot of information for the girls to take in. And then today they start to apply that information hands on. There in small groups they’re building business ideas building brands and by the end of the day they’re going to pitching their business ideas,” said founder Katharine Cornfield

This participant says her time is well spent.

“We are pitching an idea about making jeans that fit everybody. So like you send in your own sizes and then we would deliver it to you, ” said  participant Ava Coulombe.

Local women serve as mentors during the workshop including entrepreneur Samantha Baulch.

“They see the Elon Musks, they see the Steve Jobs. They’re not seeing a lot of those female business leaders. So we want to give them this as an option. It is an option to start their own business. It’s an option to become their own entrepreneur, ” said Baulch

Cornfield says one participant who attended a workshop two years ago pitched an idea of a vegan meal plan service. She took the idea and opened a business that is still running today.