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Stats show violent crime is up 18% in Timmins, property crime is down


Every month, the Timmins Police Service tallies up the number of crimes it investigates.

Acting Deputy Chief Darren Dinel presented February’s crime statistics to board members Thursday and said compared to last February, violent crimes increased by just more than 18 per cent.

“There can be pretty significant swings when you compare months to months,” said Dinel.

“So we've seen increases of 20 per cent and then the following month that they're down 20 per cent and overall, it ends up being pretty close to the same.”

Dinel also said compared to last February, there was a three per cent decrease in property crimes, while social disorder calls were up by 15 per cent.

Timmins police said it’s in the process of setting up a dashboard on its website so members of the public can view monthly statistics at its leisure.

“So that they're easily viewable, so that they're somewhat navigable on our on our website,” said Dinel.

“We're looking at creating a dashboard for it and then having a more specific data … in the event that somebody wants to look at them in a little bit more detail.”

Dinel said statistics help the administration and board judge what officers are experiencing while out on the road and what community members are experiencing, as well. Top Stories

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