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Sports For Kids Timmins plans to get more children active


Colleen Landers is a champion of getting children involved in sports. For the past 21 years, she's been working with Sports For Kids Timmins, an organization that helps pay for children's entry fees into organized sports programs.

"I devote a lot of time because I believe if I can change one child’s life every year, that will make the community better," said Colleen Landers, president of Sports For Kids Timmins.

Last year, 110 children received grants to play sports or take dance and other classes. Officials said more than 100 kids have been helped already this year.

In an effort to reach more children, the organization applied for a grant from Participaction, an organization that works with the federal government to encourage Canadians to get active.

It's now receiving $5,000.

“This gets rid of that barrier," said Charlie Angus, New Democrat MP for Timmins-James Bay.

“When we’re looking at the effects of COVID, you know the mental health pressures -- all the pressures that are young people today -- to be able to get out on the field and kick a ball around and know you can be part of the team and if the team has to travel, you’re going to travel with them. You won’t be left behind.”

When combined with what Sports For Kids Timmins will bring in from its first annual charity fun golf tournament on July 16, Landers said grants to families will be increased.

She said they'll now receive two vouchers totalling up to $400 and income thresholds will also be increased.

"I can tell you stories about children who have autism that we have provided private swimming lessons for them that have made a difference,” Landers said.

“Children who have done boxing, who have done some of the martial arts and it’s changed their lives. You know, it’s not the child’s fault that they are not able to play the sport because of the income of the family and so we are there to try and help them as best we can.”

On May 29 from 4:30-7:30 p.m., Sports For Kids Timmins is hosting an open house at the Archie Dillon Sportsplex, giving families a chance to learn more about the various activities that are available to children.

Everything from hockey to dance to skiing and martial arts will be on site. 


After publication, Landers clarified the total grant amount is up to $400, not $500 as originally published. Top Stories

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