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Soaring demand at Canadore College’s student food bank


Demand at Canadore College's student food bank is increasing as some college students are finding it hard to pay all of their expenses.

The school's food bank usage is up more than 50 per cent since the last school year and the shelves always need to be filled with food products.

"I have heard from a few students that tell me they have had to cut down on the food that they're eating,” said Jessica Crook, Canadore student council vice-president of student life.

Officials who run the food bank estimate close to 100 students have gotten help this semester. That number has doubled since the last school semester.

"The pandemic has put strain finally on a lot of families,” said Lise Paxton, the college’s student government coordinator.

“Students are coming to school for the first time and maybe their parents were without work. There are lots of factors."

The school is concerned with the trend, citing student struggles with high inflation, cost of schooling and only part-time jobs available in the daytime.

"The community approaches us all the time saying they're looking for staff, but they're in class until 5 o’clock and they can only work a couple hours a day,” said Paxton.

“They want to work but can't fill the hours.”

The food bank is run at all four of the college’s campuses, including the campus in West Parry Sound.

Canadore’s student council is aware of the issues and is working with the school, students and food bank to ensure they get the financial support they need.

"No one likes to hear it. It's people you know and people in your student body. But we are supporting those students as best as we can," said Crook.

The student council is hoping it can find ways to wean students off the food bank as the semester continues. Top Stories

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