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Snow squalls move through Sault Ste. Marie

With wind gusts of 80km/h and up to 25 cm of snow expected by Christmas morning, Sault Ste. Marie is deploying all available crews to keep roadways clear.

Officials with the city told CTV News clearing of residential roads and sidewalks will be delayed as priority is given to main and collector roads.

Officials ask residents not to park on city streets, if possible and to assist in snow clearing efforts. They are also reminding residents that snow plowed to the end of their driveway is their responsibility to clear.

In the meantime, PUC Services is sending some of its personnel to southern Ontario to help restore power to communities there. Hundreds of thousands of people are without power in parts of southern Ontario and Quebec as winter storms move through those regions.

Rapidly collecting snow could make roads difficult to drive on, while high winds can suddenly reduce visibility to zero. Environment Canada predicts snow squalls and strong winds moving through region will begin to ease on Sunday. Top Stories


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