SUDBURY -- style="margin:0cm;margin-bottom:.0001pt"> A moose calf in northern Ontario got into quite a predicament earlier this month.

Joanne Lamarche says she was driving to a friend’s house in Dobie, east of Kirkland Lake, when she noticed a commotion in the wooded area near the road.

When she pulled over, she saw a female moose acting strangely, stamping and grunting.

Lamarche says after scaring the moose off, she noticed a moose calf struggling with a chain-link fence.

Acting fast, she went to get help.

Tanner Dickson is the fire captain with the nearby Township of Gauthier and happens to live next door to the woman Lamarche was on the way to visit.

When he heard about the calf, he and fellow firefighter Luc Demers jumped into action to help.

Lamarche captured the whole ordeal with her cellphone. In the video, you can hear the baby moose’s cries for help, as well as see the distressed mama keeping a close eye on the rescue.

During the extrication, the full-grown moose comes charging back towards the men attempting to help, but then stops, turns around, and can be seen peeking over a hill.

The rescue group estimates the calf to be a month or two old.

Once freed, it takes off running in the direction of its mother.

“It felt great to be part of the miracle in saving that calf. Wildlife is important to us too.” said Dickson.