A cellphone video shot by an eyewitness inside the terminal during the incident serves as a partial record of what happened. 

CAUTION - the video above may be disturbing to some viewers.

In the video, the suspect appears to charge at the officers.

Although the camera pans away, gunfire can be heard.

When the focus comes back, a black object is tossed along the floor and officers have swarmed the subject.

Randy Buchowski is the President of the police union and released a statement praising the actions of the officers:

"The appropriate level of force was applied to deal with the threat. Our officers followed their training to deal with this person and then immediately provided medical assistance. The officers acted quickly and professionally to ensure the safety of all those  in attendance at the bus terminal."

While the SIU investigates, a makeshift transit terminal has popped up on Elgin Street a few blocks away.


The province's Special Investigations Unit is probing the shooting of a 24-year-old man Sunday night in the Sudbury's downtown.  

Sudbury police responded to a weapons complaint at the city bus terminal shortly after six o'clock. 

They say a man armed with two knives tried to break into the transit security office.

The SIU says there was an altercation between police and the man, resulting in an officer discharging his firearm. 

The man was sent to hospital for treatment. 

Police say a city employee was also transported to hospital with minor injuries from an interaction with the suspect.  

A temporary terminal has been set up across from the Sudbury Arena at the former CN rail station, while the city bus terminal remains closed.  Buses are still running.

The SIU has assigned four investigators and two forensic specialists to the case. The unit looks into incidents involving police where there has been death or serious injury.