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SIU investigates after pickup followed by Sudbury police crashes into two vehicles

The province’s Special Investigations Unit. (File photo) The province’s Special Investigations Unit. (File photo)

A woman was seriously injured Wednesday evening in Greater Sudbury in a collision at the intersection of Regent Street and Martindale Road.

The collision involved a pickup truck Sudbury police were following after an officer saw it speeding north on Regent Street around 9 p.m.

“The officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop, however, the motorist continued to accelerate,” Greater Sudbury police said in an email.

“Shortly after, the same vehicle was involved in a motor vehicle collision at the intersection of Martindale Road and Regent Street. The collision resulted in serious injuries to one of the involved motorists, who was transported to hospital for medical treatment.”

Because there were injuries, the Special Investigations Unit is handling the case. In its statement, the SIU said police were following the truck when the crash took place with two other vehicles.

“The driver of one of these vehicles, a 30-year-old woman, was transported to hospital for treatment of serious injuries,” the SIU said.

“At this time, three investigators have been assigned to the case.”

The intersection was closed for about six hours while emergency responders remained on scene.

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