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Show goes on for North Bay theatre despite not having a home


North Bay theatre group's first production in three years is based on a popular Disney movie and involves dozens of local youth.

Dreamcoat Fantasy Theatre in North Bay is on stage at the Capitol Centre this week performing its take on the Disney movie Descendants, featuring the children of cartoon villains.

Dreamcoat Fantasy Theatre show based on Disney movie Descendants features nearly 80 youth from the North Bay area. Jan. 26/23 (Jaime McKee/CTV Northern Ontario)

The local theatre group hasn't been on stage for three years due to the pandemic.

Dreamcoat Fantasy Theatre show based on Disney movie Descendants features nearly 80 youth from the North Bay area."It's been pretty upsetting. Dreamcoat has gone on for years doing upwards of five shows a year and the fact we've gone three years without anything," said show director Darren Summersby.


"So, to be able to come here, it feels like things are getting back to normal for us and it's just been an incredible experience."

Nearly 80 youths from Grades 3 - 8 are a part of the show.

"It's just been incredible to see them put on this type of show," Summersby said.

Some of the actors have lots of experience, while for others, it's their first time on stage.

Dreamcoat Fantasy Theatre is still without a permanent home and has been for months.

The group used to rehearse at the West Ferris Secondary School, but recently, they've been practicing out of One Kids Place, a local children's treatment centre.

Summersby told CTV News in an interview there's still no update on a permanent home for the theatre and that it's the dedication of the entire group that has made things possible.

"My whole thing was just pushing through and making sure the show happened for the kids," he said.

"We rehearsed at One Kids Place, they were incredible and opened their doors for us. I just know, that everyone is really dedicated to us and my focus is just making sure we put on that show even though we don't have a permanent home yet."

The young actors and actresses have been rehearsing since October.

They've performed for local school groups throughout the week and have public shows this weekend. Top Stories

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