SUDBURY -- Some people in various locations around Sudbury are taking part in a fundraiser known as the ‘Rockathon’.

Founders of the group ‘Keeping Seniors Warm, ’ say this event is all about raising awareness and money for seniors who may be struggling.

“Seniors’  are falling through the cracks with regards to speaking out about not having the clothing to be able to leave their homes in the winter,” said Beverly Brisco, with ‘Keeping Seniors Warm ‘.

The goal is to raise $15,000, and all money raised goes towards buying winter clothing for seniors. Each year the group can only afford to take up to 50 seniors, but this year, it’s hoping to expand.

 “We spend a $150 on them, and they have to preregister with the city to be accepted. This year providing if we reach our fundraising goal, we will be able to take care of 100 seniors rather than 50,” said Brisco.

On city councillor says even after expanding this fundraising effort, there are still many people in need.

“A hundred seniors is not even scratching the surface, we would have to have about two to 5000 seniors that we could dress, easily in this city so dressing a hundred is just scratching the surface and we hope to build every year,” said Bill Leduc, Sudbury city councillor.

Dozens of people stepped up to donate, but others have been collecting money for a few weeks now.

“I had raised $2050, this was very important to me to help to keep seniors warm, it’s a very good cause because there is so many people out there that are less unfortunate that they really need this.” said Marilyn Sauve, raising funds for seniors.

Since 2014, the group has helped over 200 people keep warm over the winter months.