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Quebec commercial driver charged for improper load on northern Ont. highway


A Quebec driver of a tractor-trailer travelling on Highway 11 is facing two charges related to an improper load after provincial police say they received multiple reports about the vehicle.

Provincial police say they received multiple calls about a commercial motor vehicle travelling on Highway 11 with an improper load. (Supplied/Ontario Provincial Police)“(On) Feb. 21, the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) received several calls regarding a CMV (commercial motor vehicle) with an insecure load,” said police in a social media post.

“James Bay OPP located and stopped the truck on Highway 11, just south of Cochrane.”

As a result, a 40-year-old driver from Laval, Que., was charged with driving with an insecure load and for driving with a load over width.

“The vehicle was taken to the MTO (Ministry of Transportation) scales, where it was taken out of service,” police said. Top Stories

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