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Project Lifesaver helps keep vulnerable people safe

September is World Alzheimer’s Month and the Greater Sudbury Police Service is reminding community members about Project Lifesaver and the vulnerable person’s registry.

A vulnerable person is someone who may pose a danger to themselves or others. Oftentimes, this can be due to neurocognitive, intellectual or developmental disorders.

That is why police are spreading the word about Project Lifesaver International, which helps dispatch search and rescue teams to find people who have gone missing.

“The technology being used consists of a transmitter that is usually worn around the wrist by the client,” said Const. Kevin Tremblay.

There’s also “a receiver which search and rescue teams or police can use to locate that client.”

Officials said the program reduces the traditional time it takes to locate someone, which ultimately could save lives.

“The average Project Lifesaver search is about 30 minutes once we get on scene,” said Thelma Pelland of North Shore Search and Rescue.

Thelma Pelland of North Shore Search and Rescue, says it takes about 30 minutes to locate someone using Project Lifesaver. (Ashley Bacon/CTV News)

“If a person goes missing without it, it could take a couple days to locate that person.”

Members of the North Shore Search and Rescue team said the signal works through dense bush and urban settings.

“It sends off a radio frequency so if the person goes into a mall or arena, they’re easily located,” said Pelland.

“You could walk straight to the closet that they are in, following the signal.”

One organization that knows all about Project Lifesaver is the Alzheimer Society Sudbury-Manitoulin North Bay & Districts.

“Around 60 per cent of people living with dementia are at risk of going missing,” said Miguel Cheff of the Alzheimer Society Sudbury-Manitoulin North Bay & Districts.

“With wintertime approaching, that risk becomes heightened because of the cold weather that we do get up here.”

The program is international, so if you were to go on holiday with a loved one who has a device and they go missing, local search and rescue crews can use the signal to locate them.

Anyone with a loved one who may be vulnerable can register them for Project Lifesaver online, through the Greater Sudbury Police Service website as a precaution. Top Stories

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