A traveling science exhibition is at Science North for one more day, offering what organizers say are 'hands-on' and 'mind expanding' activities for kids and their families.

The Power of Ideas Tour allows people to explore the cosmic speed limit, the mysteries of dark matter, black holes and it shows how any Canadian can be a leader in innovation.

"When youth and their families come in the exhibition, they're lost in a maze in all sorts of types of cutting edge technologies and innovations," said RJ Taylor, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics manager of special projects.

“Everything from the world's largest science experiment, the most complex machine on earth to the event horizon telescope, which is a whole network of telescopes that span the planet to try and images of the black hole at the centre of our galaxy."

Wednesday is the final day the exhibition will be in Sudbury.

It will stop in every province and territory as part of federal government's Innovation 150 initiative.