POWASSAN -- If you live in Powassan, you might have seen a couple of superheroes in your neighbourhood Wednesday -- two sanitation workers dressed up in full costume, bringing smiles to kids' faces.

The dynamic duo of Joshua Loxton and Greg James were clad in their superhero masks, all while picking up garbage around town.

"There's been families waiting for 20-25 minutes just to see us," said James, who dressed up as Spider-Man. "They have signs up. There's groups of families just wanting to see us and it's been great."

With superhero strength and speed, the caped crusaders stopped to meet fans, pose for a few photos, and, most importantly, keep Powassan clean.

"With everything going on with COVID-19, it's nice to see everyone smiling," said Elana Patey after the duo stopped for photos.

Kathie Hogan's spidey sense was tingling when the masked men showed up, since she knew workers in other cities in Canada are doing similar things.

"Somebody did it in B.C. and I thought this is wonderful for our small town of Powassan," said Hogan. "Everybody is in the community spirit."

Hogan, who runs events at a local community hub named 250 Clark, approached public works, who jumped on board right away.

Loxton said it's a great way to lighten the mood during the pandemic.

"Everyone's been quarantined and you don't get to see much and do much so just a nice little smile is good to have once in a while," said Loxton, who dressed up as Batman.

If you live in Trout Creek, there's no need to worry. The superheroes will be coming to your town on Thursday. And they hope to see you in your front yards dressed up in costume, too.

"Thank you for helping us in our community and we are all thanking you," said Weston Patey as he waved to the superheroes.

Weston's sister, Leah, said without the costumes, the sanitation workers are still everyday heroes.

"They're actually are superheroes in their own way, picking up garbage while we're all locked down," said Leah.

The 'superheroes' said fighting crime has never been easier, since it's only trash bags and not bad guys.