SUDBURY -- There was a fire at the Hope Co-op in the Minnow Lake area of Sudbury just after 4 p.m. this afternoon.

Fire officials confirm one woman was taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation.

The investigation so far indicates the fire started in the kitchen, but firefighters were able to quickly get it under control. Greater Sudbury Police are now investigating.

Several people, including young families, live in the co-op and said they are grateful the fire didn't spread to other units.

"I could smell burning plastic and I didn't know from where or where it came from," said Taylor Heise, who lives next door. "And then all I heard was my neighbour yelling, saying 'It's gonna' blow! It's gonna' blow!' Then we were all outside. So it's pretty stressful today."

Deputy fire chief Jesse Oshell said Greater Sudbury Police will investigate exactly what happened.

"They will manage the scene from this point and work with the property owners, as well as the tenant of the unit," Oshell said. "And our crews are here just ensuring that that fire didn't spread any further."

Officials said the fire is being investigated but it has not yet been deemed suspicious.