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Northern politician to table bill to prevent motorists from passing on double yellow highway lines


A northern Ontario MPP plans to table a new bill that would make it illegal for motorists to pass each other on double solid yellow highway lines.

Mushkegowuk-James Bay MPP Guy Bourgouin of the NDP is bringing attention to a highway safety concern.

He told CTV News he once had no idea it was legal to pass on double yellow highway lines.

"In Ontario, the province of Ontario, the solid lines in the middle are a suggestion and yes when a situation happens officers can charge you but not with that; they charge you with careless driving," said Bourgouin.

He said after seeing videos online of people passing dangerously on double lines and meeting with truck drivers and police officers, he has decided to table a bill at Queen's Park.

He's calling it 'Chad's Law' after one of his constituents who was seriously hurt in a collision on Highway 11, near Kapuskasing.

“On this bill, I’m saying they could be charged $400 and lose up to a minimum of four (demerit) points,” Bourgouin said.

“It’ll give more power to OPP."

The MPP said a similar exists in other provinces such as Quebec.

Chad Belanger doesn't remember much of the head-on collision he survived in January 2022, but he thinks the bill is a good idea.

“Well to be honest I’m happy about it," said Belanger.

"Anything that could possibly save a life – it’s a good thing to me," he said.

Bourgouin plans to table "Chad's Law" on Nov. 21. Top Stories

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