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Northern Ont. teen lands 1st acting gig in new Canadian series


A 13-year-old from northern Ontario tells CTV News how he went from having no acting experience to landing a role on an upcoming series for the streaming service Crave.

Tayton Mianskum, a young North Bay teen, is set to make his acting debut in a new six-episode series called 'Little Bird.'

The limited series is about an Indigenous woman's journey to find her birth family after the 60s Scoop.

"It was kind of scary, but I got used to it and it was fun," Mianskum said.

"It's very fun. You meet a lot of people. The people you meet make it very fun."

'Little Bird' was filmed last year in Winnipeg, sending Mianskum out west nine times during filming.

While it was hard work, he said it all was worth it.

"It was very busy, there was a lot of people around. Every scene they would come up and adjust my hair and stuff," Mianskum said.

"But my favourite part is travelling, getting to see where I've gone. I went to Winnipeg, that's pretty cool."

His family was by his side throughout his journey.

Georgia, Tayton's older sister, said she is really proud of her brother.

"I can really tell that he's going to become something big," she said.

"He worked pretty hard, going back and forth to the filming site, and I just feel like he did a really good job."

Having a part in the show has gotten Tayton hooked on acting.

While it was his first acting experience, he said it won't be his last.

"Making more movies, it was very fun. Just bringing the character to life," he said.

Little Bird will be released this spring and each episode is an hour long.

CTV News and Crave are both owned by Bell Media. Top Stories

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