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Northern Ont. photographer's Instagram pics lands her spot in Vogue magazine


A Sudbury-born photographer says it's a dream come true to have her work featured in Vogue U.K. for three months.

Chelsee Taylor's work will be in the magazine's April, May and June issues in its ‘Love Story’ features.

"I always loved Vogue, I always looked up to it," Taylor said.

"I always told myself one day, I need to get there. It was my dream and then here we are."

It was an early morning in January and otherwise a typical day, Taylor said. She was sitting on the couch waiting for her son to get up when she received an email.

"I saw this email come through and it said 'Vogue' and I literally almost spit my coffee out," she said, adding that she thought it might be spam.

"(Vogue) was like 'we've seen your Instagram and they loved some of the work I'd done.”

Chelsee Taylor's work will be in Vogue UK magazine's April, May and June issues in its ‘Love Story’ features. (Photo courtesy of Chelsee Taylor)

Vogue chose three of Taylor's photos of couples who recently got married, and wanted editorial style shots.

Taylor said she believes she was chosen because of a similar style and aesthetic to the magazine.

"I pose my clients in a unique situation and keep things natural. Vogue likes to keep it natural," she said.

“I'm fortunate that I was noticed."

Taylor said she's had a passion for photography since high school, when she was known as the 'girl with the camera.'

"I absolutely loved people's eyes,” she said.

Patterns in people's eyes

“I loved the pattern in people’s eyes and just being able to use people to create a scene, just everyday people, and create art.”

The self-taught photographer describes her style as romantic and editorial, focused on drawing out people's unique qualities.

"Just being able to pull out the natural beauty of people, when they don’t feel beautiful themselves, they are beautiful," Taylor said.

Fashion design was also another interest, but she said drawing wasn't her strong suit, eventually taking graphic design at Cambrian College following a suggestion from her mother.

She started her own photography business under Chelsee Taylor Studios, and has photographed around the world, most recently in New York.

Taylor's home studio is based out of Stitch and Stone on Lasalle Boulevard.

As for what's next, she said she is always trying to better herself.

"As an artist, you're always trying to one-up yourself," she said.

"I'm always in a competition with myself. Always trying to better myself and I feel like I'm constantly learning and growing."

Taylor said she is hoping to take on more international projects in the future.

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