Monday afternoon the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry issued an update on the fores fire situation.

The number of active forest fires has dropped to 37 across northeastern Ontario, but the total of blazes not yet under control has increased to four.

Also, two new fires have been confirmed in the Algoma district, one is approximately 40 kilometres north of Bruce Mines and the second is around 20 kilometres north of Elliot Lake.

Both are reportedly caused by lightning and 0.3 and 0.6 hectares respectively.

The other two fires that are not yet under control are both east of Hearst.

Hearst 16, north of Highway 11, is at 18 hectares and Hearst 12, south of Highway 11, has reached 487 hectares.

Hearst 12 and 16 are not under control


As of Sunday afternoon, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry reports 38 active forest fires, three of which are not under control.

Of three new fires confirmed Sunday, one has been extinguished.

The two new fires are located northwest of Timmins and southeast of Kapuskasing.

Parry Sound 33 is being held under 11,500 hectares and North Bay 72 is under control at over 27,000 hectares.

104 firefighters are currently in the province working on the forest fires, including crews from out-of-province and Mexico.


MNRF update in it's entirety:

Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services
Northeast Fire Region
August 19, 2018
Time of Report 17:27

Situation Update:

  • On the afternoon of August 19, there are 38 active forest fires across the Northeast. Of these, 3 fires are not yet under control. The remaining 35 fires are either being held, under control or being observed.
  • There were three new fires confirmed today, at the time of this update. One of these has already been declared out. The remaining two new active fires currently have aerial fire suppression underway late this afternoon:
    • Timmins 16 measures 1 hectare and is located approximately 20 km northwest of the community of Timmins, approximately 4 km west of Kamiskotia Lake.
    • Hearst 16 covers 4 hectares and is located approximately 30 km south of Hwy 11, to the southeast of Kapuskasing.

Incident Management Teams

  • One Incident Management Team is in place in the region. It is managing Parry Sound 33.

Parry Sound 33

·         This fire is being held at 11,362 hectares.

·         To find an updated map of current travel restrictions visit Ontario.ca/forestfire.

·         Although the fire perimeter remains restricted, waterway and road restrictions were lifted effective 18:00 (6:00pm) on August 15, 2018.

·         The fire perimeter will remain restricted for quite some time.

·         There is still a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) in place over the fire for aircraft.

·         Forest fire fighters on the ground continue to action the remaining hot spots in a coordinated and prioritized manner.

·         Local residents will continue to see smoke drift from this fire over the next 2 or 3 days as weather conditions remain hot and dry.

·         Ground crews continue to extinguish hot spots within the fire perimeter and will continue moving to priority areas to search for additional hot spots

·         For updates on highway conditions, including closures, please call 511.

Other fire of note in the Northeast Region: North Bay 72

·         The status of North Bay 72 is now under control at 27, 285 hectares.

·         Infrared scanning continues in order to identify hot spots.

·         Six fire crews remain on site, they continue to find and extinguish smokes and hot spots on the interior of the fire.

·         Two helicopters are assigned to this fire with bucketing capacities.

·         To find a detailed map of current travel restrictions visit Ontario.ca/forestfire.

Resources From Out of Province

  • Ontario is receiving support from across Canada, the United States and Mexico to assist with the fire situation. A total of 104 firefighters and support staff are currently in the province.
    • Alberta is providing personnel and equipment.
    • British Columbia is providing equipment.
    • Newfoundland is providing equipment.
    • Northwest Territories is providing personnel and equipment.
    • Nova Scotia is providing equipment.
    • Saskatchewan is providing equipment.
    • Mexico is providing personnel.

Restricted Fire Zone in Effect

A restricted fire zone remains in effect in areas north of Rosseau, northwest to Espanola and Cartier, over to the Quebec border including Temagami and Mattawa north of the Mattawa River. This includes Parry Sound, Burk’s Falls, Powassan, North Bay and Greater Sudbury. For a visual representation of the affected areas please visit our interactive map Ontario.ca/forestfire.

If you live in an area outside the adjusted Restricted Fire Zone, be sure before you burn to check with your local municipality to ensure there’s no fire ban issued in your area. We’d also like to remind the public to take extra care when having a campfire and to follow the safety tips listed at Ontario.ca/forestfire.

Travel Restrictions Still in Place for Some Areas of the Northeast

In order to ensure MNRF and emergency officials are able to continue fire suppression operations in areas affected by large forest fires, travel restrictions remain in place near the Parry Sound 33, North Bay 72 and Pembroke 6 forest fires. These restrictions are in place to ensure public safety and the safety of emergency personnel working in the affected areas. Although some restrictions have been removed, others remain in place. For information on travel restrictions and travel permits, please call 1-888-220-7242. For a visual representation of the affected areas please visit Ontario.ca/forestfire.

Smoke concerns

·         Smoke drift from large fires in British Columbia and the United States may be evident until weather patterns change.

·         For information about the impacts smoke on your health please contact Teleheath Ontario at 1-866-797-0000.

·         AFFES is reminding the public that if they do see flames or smoke, please report it by calling 310-FIRE (3473), and stay away from the area in the interest of public safety.

Fire numbers and online information

  • To report a forest fire located north of the French and Mattawa rivers, please dial 310-FIRE
  • To report a forest fire located south of the French or Mattawa rivers, please dial 911.
  • Follow us on Twitter: @ONForestFires / @ONFeudeforêt

Prepared by Isabelle Chenard