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North Bay ski hill hosts 29th annual Snow Wars competition


It was a busy Sunday at Laurentian Ski Hill in North Bay as Cheapskates, a local ski, snowboard and outdoor store, hosted its 29th annual Snow Wars competition; an event for skiers and snowboarders of all ages and skill levels to show off their skills.

Barry Klus, the owner of the Cheapskates, told CTV News that the event is a way to bring the community together while growing their business.

"Everybody gets a chance to go down through the park, hit whatever features they can, and we give them some basic runs to get used to it and then we will judge them,” said Klus.

“There's a number of features in the park that skiers and snowboarders will hit and depending on how while they do it will come about in the judging."

Klus said he believes this ski hill event is the longest-running competition in Canada, as they even found a way to pull it off during the pandemic, adding events like this one are important for small businesses like his and for the North Bay community.

"I think it's really important for the community to have the opportunity to compete in a really friendly competition, although we do have some really talented people out there,” said Klus

“We're really high on doing events, we think it's super important for the community and for our business. These people are skiing and snowboarding and that's what we really promote. We have the merchandise at the store and it's just something we like to do."

Around 25 participants ranging from seven to 40 years old took part in Sunday's event

One skier told CTV News this is one they look forward to each year.

"I like it because it brings the community together, skiers and snowboarders. It kind of also highlights Laurentian Ski Hill and their park crew," said another participant.

Many came out just to see all the flips and tricks and even the fails.

Klus said there are definitely plans to bring back snow wars next year for its 30th anniversary.

For more information on Snow Wars and other events hosted by Cheapskates, follow them on Instagram. Top Stories

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