NORTH BAY -- On a hot summer day, you'll need a cold drink to stay refreshed. But instead of water, how about a cup of freshly squeezed lemonade?

Young entrepreneurs all over North Bay learned the ropes of operating a business through lemonade stands on Saturday.

As a thirsty customer asks for a strawberry lemonade at ‘La Maison Citron’ lemonade stand, the young girls manning the stand are busy scooping ice, pouring the drink, and taking the money.

"We have had a lot of customers. A lot of the customers like our strawberry lemonade and lot of people like our popsicles too," said Brynn Wanner, one of the girls manning the stand.

Wanner alongside her sister Mollie, and along with Ruby Carello, were operating the stand. 23 children between the ages of 9-12 are manning 7 stands all around the city selling lemonade and other sweet treats.

"This is the second year Lemonade Day has been operating locally,” said The Business Centre Nipissing Parry Sound Events Co-ordinator Kennedy Horton.

“It is a national program all over the United States and other countries and we are the first licensed holder in Ontario to hold Lemonade Day."

The youth are learning how to set goals, market their lemonade, create a budget, and provide good customer service.

“I learned a lot about business. For example, putting it out on social media and representation of the business," said Riley Chapeski, who is manning ‘The Boyz’ lemonade stand with his friend Loghan Lamothe.

The children are encouraged to split the money earned by keeping some, spending some, and donating a portion to a charity of their choice.

The all-girl team at ‘Ez Peezy Lemon Sqeezy’ plan to donate some of their earnings to the hospital and animal hospital.

"I chose the hospital because I want to make sure everyone is doing okay and that we're healthy,” said Kaycee Bilodeau.

“My sister chose the animal hospital because she wants them to be safe."

The youth say they had fun acting as young business men and women, as they look to a possible future career as entrepreneurs.