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North Bay police chief reflects on his career in law enforcement


This is the final week on the job for North Bay police chief Scott Tod, who is retiring after four decades of policing.

“Becoming chief, that was an incredible memory for me,” said Tod, who served as chief for four years.

“I feel blessed and I feel honoured to have served in North Bay as the chief of police.”

He announced in late November he was retiring to travel and spend time with family.

Tod has seen a lot of change in the profession in his four decades of policing. When he first put on the uniform in 1982, Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms was a new document.

“It’s changed in the way we respond to calls for service, changed in the way of our communications equipment, our equipment that we use every day for officer safety,” Tod said.

This is the final week on the job for North Bay police chief Scott Tod, who is retiring after four decades of policing. (Photo from video)

The last few years have brought a lot of change, as police are on the frontline of battles with mental health and addictions.

“The last three years we’ve had a decrease in violent crime, although we have had an increase in non-violent crime and we are addressing that,” Tod said.

North Bay Mayor Peter Chirico said Tod has been “tremendous” during his time as chief.

 “We hate to see Chief Tod go,’ Chirico said.

“He’s been an absolute stalwart in our community.”

His one regret was not being able to get the body-worn camera project rolled out during his tenure.

“It requires additional staffing and expertise in digital evidence management,” Tod said.

“Those are things we’re working on right now … The board is very supportive of it and I think the community is very supportive of it.”

His message to incoming chief Daryl Longworth? Build positive working relationships with community agencies

“That’s the one thing I really valued… I’m very proud of the relationship the North Bay Police Service has with the community partners.”

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