A well-known North Bay jewellery store is closing up shop for good after more than four decades in business.

It took a few months, but the owners of Pearls, located right in the heart of North Bay, have decided the time has come to say goodbye.

Owners Cathy Ling and Susan Middaugh say it's been an emotional few days, but the women are content with being able to close up on their own terms.

“It's been great, it really has. We started out a store that had excellent customer service and we always prided our self in product that was very, very unique and we did it.” said Middaugh.

Susan Middaugh, co-owner of Pearls in North Bay

The store was the victim of two break-ins earlier this year and that's when the ladies say they started thinking about closing up.  The process is expected to take a couple of months.