A new safety initiative in North Bay called Vision Zero is looking at ways to reduce fatalities and pedestrian injuries on city streets.

Part of the strategy involves identifying and evaluating areas proven to be high-risk.

Vision Zero and its goal of pedestrian and cyclist safety is something the committee says is only possible with the cooperation of the community.

“There are enforcement issues in our city that a lot of our drivers aren't following, a lot of our pedestrians aren't following, at like four-way stops. Drivers have issues that they have to follow, but so do pedestrians and so do bicycles.” said Patricia Cliche, Vision Zero committee member.

Staff sergeant Rick Dubeau of the North Bay Police Service co-chairs the committee.

He says that while fatalities haven't been as high as other cities in the province, the committee is working to keeping the number of deaths at zero.

“So, we had two fatalities in 2016. We were fortunate we had no fatalities in 2017, within the city boundaries. One fatality in 2015, three in 2014 and two in 2013.” said Dubeau.

The committee says it's looking at eliminating right hand turns at red lights on Main Street.

It's also been asked to take a closer look at Algonquin Avenue, one of the busiest streets in North Bay.

“We've had a couple of fatalities at the medical arts building so we will look at it and come up with some suggestions but we are at the early stages of looking at some recommendations.” said Cliche.

She and Dubeau say they're also looking for suggestions from the community on where improvements can be made.