It is the dream of a lot of hockey parents, to watch their child represent their country in a sport they love, on a world stage. For North Bay guidance counselor, Colleen Point, it is an unexpected reality. 

Her son, Colton, who is currently playing for Colgate University in the U.S. on a hockey scholarship, has been chosen to play goal for Canada in the upcoming World Junior Hockey Championship.

“It’s very surreal that it’s my kid. My little kid, that’s going to be playing for Team Canada. It really doesn’t make sense in my head yet. I’m just so happy for him and so excited that he is going to be representing North Bay and the north in general, I can’t really describe it. It’s just unbelievable.”  says Point.

In addition to being selected to play with Team Canada, Colton is also a draft pick of the NHL’s Dallas Stars. 

Before leaving for college hockey, he became a bit of a midget hockey legend in Northern Ontario, as he once made 107 saves in one game. He's well known for that in local hockey circles, but now he is ready to introduce himself to the country in the international competition.  An opportunity he didn’t see coming until recently.

“Last Wednesday, I get the invite and it happened so quickly and honestly it was an awesome experience. I think it’s a testament to my potential and I feel I’ve been underrated a lot in my life. I’m glad to finally get the opportunity to show what I’m capable of.”  says Colton.

His mom agrees that this was never in the plan, but sees it as a wonderful bonus.

“Team Canada was never on my radar, and as far as a career goes, I’ve always been that practical mom that says, ‘yeah honey, that’s a great goal, but let’s have backup plan.’  So I’m not even sure about a career, but he’s getting university out of his hockey and I think that’s fantastic, that was my ultimate goal right there.” she says.

Colton’s mother was born in the U.S., so he has dual citizenship, and could have tried out for team USA, but he says he never considered it, preferring to play for the red and white.

While Colleen Point may be in her home country when the tournament begins in Buffalo on Boxing Day, and when Canada plays the Americans outdoors on the 29th, she says there is no doubt where her allegiance will be.

“Even though my paperwork is American, I am very much a Canadian at heart, so I will definitely be cheering for the Canadians.” said Point.