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North Bay football field named after Mike O'Shea


Mike O'Shea is a six-time Grey Cup champion and a member of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, and on Saturday he was in his home town of North Bay for another, but different football announcement honouring him.

The City of North Bay's Steve Omischl Complex football field officially has a new name called the Mike O'Shea Field.

"I'm honoured, very humbled," said O'Shea.

"You don't start playing any sport for these type of accolades."

O'Shea isn't in North Bay too often.

"You just look forward to hearing the stories of the kids that come up playing on this field. Where they get their start, hearing those success stories as these kids get to use such a great facility," added O'Shea

Winnipeg to North Bay isn't the fastest trip and with a busy CFL season it is difficult to find time.

But North Bay's Mayor Al McDonald said what O'Shea has accomplished doesn't go unnoticed in North Bay.

"Mike is a very humble champion, that's been a great ambassador for the city of North Bay and he speaks very kindly of our city no matter where he is in the world," said McDonald.

"It's an opportunity for us to recognize greatness and those that inspire our youth to follow their dreams. That's what Mike is all about and we wanted to make sure that we recognized him here."

More than 50 people gathered at the Steve Omischl Complex Saturday afternoon for the celebration and to meet with the CFL coach.

O'Shea, a former Widdlefield Wildcat told CTV News, North Bay will always be home.

"It's just always nice to come home, North Bay is always going to be home and always has that feel," he said.

"I've got a great group of buddies here still in town. When I come home it isn't this stuff here today, it's just hanging out with them like nothings ever changed."

O'Shea's Blue Bombers are currently on a bi week. Sitting 9-1 on the season, they will be looking to get back into the win column with their next game on Aug. 25. Top Stories

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