NORTH BAY -- The COVID-19 pandemic is bringing out the best in people across Northern Ontario.

In North Bay, many businesses haved changed production capacity to make face shields and deliver them to front-line workers.

At Hillcrest Cabinets, A 3D printer is steadily running creating around 200 printed face shields.

"The need is there, so we wanted to make sure we had everybody's back," said co-owner Justin Lahaie.

"We're not crazy busy right now. We're certainly working away, but we put our heads together to try and make this work."

The printer melts a spool of plastic and it takes the shape of the clips for the face shield.

Once printed, the clips are pieced together with the clear shield. About 80 are produced a day, with a goal of about a thousand.

"My sister-in-law is a nurse and she was very grateful and texted me how well appreciated they are. It's nice to see," said co-owner Janne Blom.

"We deliver some and are people are picking them up outside."

Meanwhile, Alexander Knecht's property management company, Bella Vita North Bay Inc., along with his daughters, are producing about 1,000 face shields using laser cutters and design software.

At least 600 have been made with 300 more on the way.

Knecht was in Toronto today picking up more supplies for the next batch.

"Guys like me are filling the gap until the big guys can step in because they need the lead time to do their re-tooling and do a bigger production," Knecht told CTV News over the phone.

"Little people like me, we are the guys who are filling the gap in between."

After face shields are designed and pieced together, they need to be delivered to various locations.

This is where Davis Connelly comes in. He's been using his delivery service, Express Parcel, to send PPE free-of-charge to front-line workers as far north as Timmins, and as far south as Gravenhurst.

"We can step up and offer free delivery to those individuals who are donating items," said Connelly outside of his office.

"We don't produce anything so this is where we can do our part."

All four businesses say they are glad to put their skills to good use in order to help front line workers in Northeastern Ontario.

They pledge they will do what they can, for as long as the need is there.