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Nipissing's victim services has a new app, hope to help more


Victim Services of Nipissing District is rolling out a new app, called ‘C3,’ to better connect those in need with those who can help.

The app’s name stands for “community, care and connection.”

Officials said that the goal is to help those in need get connected with resources quickly.

"It allows the general user to find any kind of health care services,” said Justin Kline, the app’s creator.

“(users can) search them by keyword, vendors name and then send them an encrypted and secure referral of any of their personal health information, or confidential and sensitive information, securely to that vendor."

Currently, Victim Services of Nipissing District is using the app and members of the group told CTV News that they believe the app will improve what they do.

"People would be surprised by the rate of victimization that we have in our community and that's only the folks coming forward and asking for services,” said Katherine Jodouin, the executive director of the local victim services organization.

“When you've reached out for help and a phone call hasn't returned you're less likely to reach out again, so we're bringing forward this platform to help reduce that."

Kline said victim services oftentimes are getting crisis calls from a variety of different populations.

“We thought ‘What a perfect host … to start connecting and bridging those gaps so the individuals they serve can get the resources they need quickly and securely,’” he said.

“(All) so they can feel good about the people that they are communicating with."

Jodouin is encouraging other agencies that offer similar services to “jump on board” and use the app as well.

"No one agency can solve all problems – we have to work in collaboration,” she said.

“A lot of us are working beyond capacity at this point and the needs are great in our community … let's do better about it, let's be smart about it and let's reduce any sort of barriers for our clients."

Jodouin said the system to report incidents is still now where she would like to see it but hopes by launching the ‘C3’ app they can help more and more people will come forward.

The app is available for both Android and iOS.

For more information on the app, visit Community Care Connect Inc.’s website. Top Stories

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