The North Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre is getting over $2.5 million from the province for Indigenous housing and services.

Friendship centre officials say funding will go towards the building of Suswin Village and will consist of a total of 30 units, 17 of which are funded by the Government of Ontario through Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services. It will include addiction counselling and mental health support services as well.

Officials say Monday's announcement gives the homeless, or those who are at risk of becoming homeless, the shelter and services they need.

Steve Clark is the provincial Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. He was in North Bay on Monday for the announcement.

"Having opportunities off reserve, I think is a priority of our government. This is exactly what this program helps to provide. It helps to leverage dollars either through not-for-profit or through community dollars,” said Clark.

Kathy Fortin is the executive director for the North Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre.

"People coming all over the place from up the coast and they don’t have housing. There’s affordable housing and supportive housing. I think that the supportive housing is really important,” said Fortin.

The apartment complex is expected to be complete by next year.