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More northern Ont. towns affected by flooding, emergencies declared


The Temiskaming Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is asking motorists to use caution while driving due to road damage and washouts from recent flooding.

Ontario Provincial Police crest over a roadway (File Photo/Supplied/Ontario Provincial Police)

Flooding in the region began about two days ago amidst heavy rainfall.

Police shared media releases from the Municipality of Charlton and Dack, the Township of Chamberlain and the Township of Evanturel related to damaged roadways.

“Municipal Works officials from the impacted areas are asking for everyone's patience and cooperation as they work to repair the damaged roads,” said OPP.

“Police also remind motorists that should you require emergency assistance due to road conditions to please call the OPP at 1-888-310-1122 or 911.”

Kirkland Lake also declared an emergency due to recent flooding.

Charlton, Dack and Chamberlain

Both the Municipality of Charlton and Dack and the Township of Chamberlain said they are currently facing infrastructure deterioration and flooding with the number of affected residents steadily increasing.

An undated photo of a flooded Ontario road. (Disorderly/Getty Images)

On April 12, in response to this escalating situation, the municipalities activated a state of emergency to effectively manage and coordinate relief efforts.

“Our municipalities remain committed to prioritizing the safety and well-being of its residents during this challenging time,” said the municipalities in a joint news release.

“Residents are encouraged to monitor their homes and to assist neighbours if required.”

Residents can contact public works through emergency information officer Rick Ellsmere at 705-668-0728 or by email.

The municipalities said the following roadways are closed:

Chamberlain Township

  • Aidie Creek Road
  • Marsh Road
  • Road 5 (west of Highway 11)
  • Road 7 (between Wabewawa Road and Highway 11
  • Stoney Lonesome (between Beaver Road and Highway 573)
  • Wabewawa Road - between Road 3 and Road 4
  • West Road (between Beaver Road and Highway 573)

Municipality of Charlton and Dack

  • Cabin Road
  • Harmen Road
  • River Road
  • Sprucegrove Road

“Residents who must use these roads to access their homes are exempt,” said municipal officials.

“However, drivers should use caution, limit trips and limit the weight of vehicles.”

Municipal officials said updates and additional information will be provided as the situation evolves.


The Township of Evanturel has declared an emergency due to flash flooding.

“The majority of the municipality has no issues – however a section of Harman's Road between the Harman's Bridge and the boundary with the Municipality of Charlton and Dack has become inaccessible due to a culvert failure,” said the township in the news release.

Evanturel staff said the failure on a portion of Harman's Road that is geographically within the Township of Dack.

“Residents on that section of road are currently being assisted by the municipality,” said township officials.

There is no danger to other residents at this time, according to officials.

Any emergency calls can be directed to road foreman Marcel Denomme at 705-544-2650. Top Stories

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