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Forests Ontario to plant more trees in the north


Since 2008, Forests Ontario has planted more than two million trees in the north.

Now, through a federally funded program called the 2 Billion Trees Commitment, even more will be planted.

"Restoring some of the forests that have been bugged or burned, like we've seen in BC, Alberta and here in Ontario," said Rob Keen, the CEO of Forests Ontario.

"As well as creating new forests, using lands that may be fallow, and making sure we get those areas back to forest again,"

Trees are being planted all across the country and province, however Keen told CTV News the northern Ontario region is a great space for trees to be planted and said there is always potential to plant more if there is land available.

"A fair bit of land in northern Ontario, certainly along the clay belts fit that feature they are abandon and so a lot of land owners through those areas want to get forests back in those areas so we do create the opportunity to do this," he added.

Forests Ontario representatives said they plan to start by planting seven million trees across the province in the next three years and plant two billion trees over the next ten years. Top Stories

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