A celebration yesterday to mark the 50th anniversary of

A Francophone organization in the Greater Sudbury community of Chelmsford held a celebration to mark its 50th anniversary on the weekend.

Club 50 Rayside-Balfour is open to anyone 45 years of age and older.

The group hosts social events, like games and dances, to give those who are middle-aged and older an opportunity to get out, socialize and have some fun.

They also plan events to celebrate and share Francophone culture.

“I think it’s an achievement, 50 years of an organization like Club 50. I think it’s a nice achievement. And then what we are planning in the future, the population of seniors is going up very fast, so I think we need a place where we can get together to celebrate, to share and have a happy life.” Said Oliva Roy, the club’s chairperson.

“Every day, there is a game organized by somebody, and it’s just a place get together and have fun and the seniors love it. And we have very old members and we have younger members also, but I think our oldest one is over 90, 92, 93. “ said Gaby Montpellier, the club’s secretary.

There are 450 members in Club 50.