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Meals on Wheels in Sudbury raises awareness of community impact, need for volunteers


March for Meals is celebrating its 21st year, a national campaign raising awareness of the important work Meals on Wheels does for the community.

In Sudbury, the organization delivers close to 200 hot and frozen meals each day to those who need them and a total of 500 clients a year.

“This is about feeding people who can’t necessarily prepare meals for themselves or don’t get out of the house easily,” said Shannon Ketchabaw, executive director.

The organization said it relies heavily on volunteers who prepare and deliver the meals to many who are otherwise socially isolated.

“A lot of people are socially isolated and the only people they see on that day is someone delivering them a meal,” said Ketchabaw.

This week, local celebrities are invited to come in to experience the meal preparation and delivery, including Jessica Gosselin and Ian Campbell from CTV Northern Ontario.

“This is where we invite local celebrities, so it’s a lot of politicians, someone from the news, someone from radio, different prominent people in the community that we invite in to see what Meals on Wheels does on a daily basis,” Ketchabaw said.

Campbell regularly volunteers with Meals on Wheels and said he has the chance to meet amazing people each day.

“It’s such a good cause, helps people who can’t get out on their own, I mean, for an hour of my time, whatever day I’m able to volunteer,” said Campbell.

“It’s become so worth it and I’m so grateful.”

Gosselin said it’s a great service providing nutritious meals and socialization for those who need it.

“Just the brief time I was able to meet with some of the clients with Meals on Wheels, they seem so wonderful and so grateful that they are getting this service,” she said.

Richard Baby has been using the service for 10 years after suffering a heart attack. His doctor recommended he use the service.

“Wonderful guys. Wonderful organization. I can’t say any more,” he said.

Meals on Wheels said it is always looking for volunteers, and encourages anyone who is interested to contact them. Top Stories

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